London Exhibition



Coolbox has a permanent display of his works at The Bluebell public house and restaurant Nafferton East Yorkshire. by kind permission of Mandy and Cherie. You will find a warm welcome there with good food and ale...
Please feel free to ask the staff for access to the restaurant if closed when visiting.

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Coolbox is a mixed media artist who lives and works in the East Riding of Yorkshire. Using skills developed over a period of 40 years, initially in metal sculpting and iron work, he now works in paint and canvas. His naive style of painting strips down imagery into its basic form and colour, giving life to brick and stone. “I have carefully selected a pallet of colours in which I use to bring light and joy into my work.”

He sees our constructed World as more than just function and form, he adds a unique organic quality to his work “I use my art to explore imagery, to see under, behind and beneath the clutter”

SPRING EXHIBITION - York,Countryside and Coast
Greys Court, York
opening Friday 28th March 2014 for 3 months
Private viewing by invitation Thursday evening 27th March 600pm to 900pm
Coolbox welcomes you to his gallery...


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